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    Since 1969, Tamaqua Truck and Trailer Co. Inc., has manufactured steel and aluminum bodies built to be “truck tough”. Today, The New Tamaqua Truck and Trailer, LLC brings that same ingenuity to the truck body manufacturing industry, under new ownership, but continuing the legacy! Our experienced fabricators and well-equipped facility have the ability to manufacture steel and aluminum bodies to keep you and your business operating smoothly. We stand by our products, each made with quality materials and craftsmanship.

    Truck Bodies That Help You Carry the Workload!

    No matter what industry you are in: landscape, junk removal, construction, plumbing, or hauling, we offer the perfect truck body to make your hauling needs easier and more efficient. Our truck bodies can be purchased and installed at The New Tamaqua Truck and Trailer, LLC., or through our select distributors. Choose from our standard models listed below or contact one of our sales people to discuss a custom build.

    Load Handler High Sided
    Landscape Dump Body

    Farm Handler Pickup
    Replacement Bed

    Load Handler Mason
    Dump Body

    Interchangeable Bodies
    (Junk & Switch-n-Go)

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    Key Truck Body Details


    Top Notch Quality

    Our fabricators only use the best materials and practices to ensure our truck bodies withstand the workload.


    High Quality Aluminum & Steel

    Our bodies are manufactured with durable components that complement our aluminum and steel body lines.


    Manufacturing & Modifications

    As the manufacturers of the Load Handler, Work Handler, Farm Handler, and Junk Handler, our bodies are made to withstand rigid requirements to help you handle the American workload. Interested in making one of our bodies a hooklift or mounting it on a Switch-N-Go unit? We do that too!


    Design & Customization

    We have the ability to design and customize our bodies to suit our customers’ unique or industry specific needs.

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    Now that you know our truck bodies are made to handle the everyday workload — it’s time to make your job easier! Let’s discuss your needs and find the perfect truck body that makes your company more effective.

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